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Sale prices prices are for new orders from USA and Canadian customers. Sale prices are good on a foreign order if the order is being shipped via United Parcel Service.


New? "New-Old-Stock?"

Parts available include a mix of new and "new-old-stock" (NOS) parts. With the exception of fast moving parts, most of the parts made for any car are made when the car is in production, and we exist on that oversupply until it is exhausted. Parts we describe as "new" may be last months production, or may actually be NOS parts that have not been on a car, but have sat in a box for 10, 20, even 30+ years.

Nissan, "OEM", Aftermarket, Reproduction

A "
Nissan" part is one that Nissan designed and built, or was built for them by another manufacturer to Nissan's specifications. The part has then gone through Nissan's parts system which may include other quality checks, repackaging with other parts, and/or reboxing.

An "OEM" part can be a Nissan part or could also be a part from one of the same manufacturers that produced the part for Nissan if built to the same specifications. There aren't many parts available from these manufacturers that haven't gone through Nissan's hands so this term usually just means a Nissan part.

An "Aftermarket" part is one made by someone other than Nissan. The company making the part may or may not be an "OEM" supplier to Nissan. The part may or may not meet the same specifications as the part they made for Nissan. Quality wise it may be worse, the same or better than the original "Nissan" part.

A "Reproduction" or "Repro" part is that which is made usually after the original supplies (both Nissan and aftermarket) are gone. They also may be made to take advantage of more modern less expensive production methods, or because the "original" design or materials can be improved. Sometimes a repro part will appear while the original parts are in production, due to a defect in the original part.

The lines between these are somewhat blurred. At times Nissan will have a different manufacturer reproduce the part, in a different format than it originally used. Is that a "OEM" part or a "Repro" if Nissan itself contracts for the new production?

Some parts, Nissan included, will look completely different from the original but perform the same function. One example is the trend toward solid state modular relays to replace the original 50's technology.

Quality can be a problem with any of the above. Sadly there are even Nissan parts that have not been made properly. It is one of the problems that all specialty houses have to deal with; checking and rechecking their parts. Sometimes it's all that is available, so even the parts that are not quite correct have a use. We try to describe these situations when they come up, or if possible correct the part ourselves.Hate to be too honest here, but remember, you aren't driving some hand built Bugatti, it's just a churned out product. If you don't like the quality of a NISSAN part go tell Nissan not US! I didn't force you to go buy a roadster eh? Usually the quality is quite good. Sometimes, well...Keep in mind these are cars are 32-40 years old and you should consider it fortunate you have ANYTHING to buy. My 2¢.

Reconditioned, Rebuilt, Remanufactured, Restored?

These words mean virtually nothing anymore. One guy puts new brushes in his starter and calls it "remanufactured." Another replaces almost every single part in the starter and calls it "rebuilt." If it is a part that we ourselves dismantle and "repair" we will describe what has been done. Our feelings are that the part should be brought back to serviceable life. There is a line between cutting corners and reworking the part to the point it is not sellable pricewise. Again, wherever possible we will describe exactly what has been done.



Using This Website

All prices are "each" unless specified otherwise.

If it says "1 of 6" that means the price is for 1 of the items but the car has a total of 6 of the item.

Click on any underlined and/or blue part numbers to see picture.

Click on "pic 2","MORE PICS" etc to see more pictures if available.

We use a form of shorthand to describe different model years of cars. It may seem awkward at first, but you will probably find it makes it easier to scan lists for things that fit your car. This list is also shown on each parts category page. Eventually these codes will also appear on our printed pricelists as a reference. Applies to TRUE YEAR of car not what may be on your title. INFO

A = 63-64 1500

H = 67 2000

B = 65 1500

I = 68 2000

C = 65-67 1600

J = 69 2000

D = 67 1/2 1600

K = 70 2000

E = 68 1600

15 = all 1500

F = 69 1600

16 = all 1600

G = 70 1600

20 = all 2000

* = check description

Getting Around on the Site.

Almost every page has a link to the HomePage. It is the "Rallye" Octagon at the bottom of the page. On each section page like "BRAKES", there are link buttons to the New Parts Index, Used Parts Index etc. If you find you can't get somewhere let me know. One of the things I have spent some time doing is keeping the roads clear. Most people after a short time get so they can bomb around pretty easily. Let me know if you have problems, comments or suggestions!

Abbreviations and Phrases

Abbreviations & Phrases we use...

U after part number = it is a used part.

R or RB after part number = it is a rebuilt part

DN___ = it's a new closeout item

DU___ = it's a used closeout item

DR___ = it's a rebuilt closeout item

RHD = Right Hand Drive - -unless specified, all parts on this website are for Left Hand Drive (USA/Canada) cars

If "WAIVER" is shown, there is an waiver form we must mail or fax to you before we can accept an order for the item.

If "SEND FOR FLYER" is shown, a flyer with additional information is available that will benefit you. Please advise and we will send it. (by email if possible)

If " INFO" is shown, more written information is available when you click on the part number (or "INFO").


Abbreviations you can put on your order.

This item is very important, please hold order until this is available or contact me if it will not be.

N-OK... I want a Used Part but New is also OK

U-OK ... I want a New Part but Used is also OK

5% 10% etc. Do not ship if the part has increased by this percentage. (This was primarily designed for the catalog. With the website chances are about 99+ percent that the price shown is current.)

When a part number is shown but there is no price listed, it indicates we feel the part is going to be available in the future but there was no stock at the this time. Unfortunately, it can also indicate that the supplys of the part have recently run out and we don't yet know the future stock situation. Item may still be available in a kit or package. If so this information is listed in box with part description. There may be an INFO link to click on

When an item is not shown on the "New" pages of the website it may only be available used. Please check the "Used" section pages, the "Odds and Ends" page or inquire.


Abbreviations you may see on your invoice:

OS... Out of Stock... Usually accompanied by a date when we expect to receive more. A temporary (hopefully) situation.

NLS... No Longer Stocked... The part is probably available but for one reason or another we are not stocking it. May or may not also have "SOI" listed.

SOI... Special Order Item... If SO is also shown, you can still special order the part. Please inquire.

NLA... No Longer Available.. Situation looks grim to hopeless on seeing this item anytime soon.

UAV .. A used part is available at this time, (you did not specify a used part was OK to ship) please see included info or inquire.

NAV .. A new part is available at this time (you did not specify you would accept a new part if a used part was not available) please see included info or inquire.



Core Charges

Core charges are a charge added to the parts cost which is refundable when we receive your old part within 30 days. This is most commonly seen on rebuilt starters and alternators, but can apply to any part new, used or rebuilt. A core charge if applicable will be listed below the part's price.

If your rebuildable old part is sent in with the order, there is no core charge. Core charges are refundable if we receive an assembled, complete and rebuildable part back within 30 days of the date we shipped the replacement part to you. Thirty one days from the ship date of your order the item has no core value. If you want the item returned you can send a check for the original shipping amount and we can return it.

Cores are refundable at 95% if originally paid for with a charge card; 100% if paid for with a check or money order.

Cores have to be in rebuildable condition. (Our determination) Please inquire if you are unsure whether your old part is acceptable as a core.

Yes we didn't used to have this policy but after finally realizing that we were kind of being used as a dumping ground and let our core pile shrink we have added these restrictions. Either that or no more rebuilt parts in the future.

Following are some examples of non returnable cores. This is not intended to be a complete list of parts or parts conditions that can affect value of core.

Basically anything other than normal wear.

Hydraulic cylinders where the aluminum has oxidized. Like rust on steel parts, usually a white powdery substance forms on surface. If cylinder has had fluid in it the whole time not necessarily a problem if it is minor and limited to the outside of the cylinder. Stripped threads, missing parts, broken mounting ears are some other defects that will reduce or eliminate or the part's core value.

Alternators without pulleys, with mounting holes elongated or stripped, broken cases. Alternators that have sat unprotected so they are oxidized (turning to dust) are also not useable. Ditto with units that do not turn.

Camshafts with keyways damaged, non-original cam grind profile, stripped threads, broken gear teeth, missing cam bolt, spun journals. There is a $21 per each excessively damaged lobe.

Cam Followers (2000 Rocker Arms) that are the old 1 piece type (look at the pad from the side and you can see if it is two pieces; or rockers that have been repaired before.

Crankshaft pulleys (vibration dampeners) that have chunks out or damage to belt area or keyway

Carburetors that have sat outside or have otherwise started turning to aluminum dust, frozen up or with missing/damaged throttle bodies or domes. Missing parts that are not normally replaced during are rebuild will be deducted from value as well. Stripped threads, damaged holes or anything else that would prevent the carburetor from being rebuilt without replacing non wearing parts.

Waterpumps with broken cases, missing rear plates or flange, stripped holes, elongated holes, redrilled holes, oxidized (turning to dust), pumps that have been run with bad bearing or bent shaft long enough to damage case. Damaged gasket surfaces on pump.

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