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(Many thanks to Lou Mondello in Australia for his continuing work helping us put this information together and revising it where possible)

Differences between 67 and 67 1/2; and between 67 1/2 and 68 follow Left Hand Drive Information. Different countries specifications can vary.

Depending on the country, some 63-70 right hand drive cars have a tear drop side marker light on the front fenders, regardless of year. Emblems can be typical "Datsun" or may be "Fairlady." Front park light lenses are usually clear instead of amber, and rear turn signals are usually orange instead of red.

Later (69-70) right hand drive cars may still retain the 68 style rear bumper with attached license lamp, and separate rear turn signals. Gauges may or may not be metric, again, depending on the country. Some cars also have a "passing" light feature built into the turn signal switch. (Must be for those Solex 2 litres in Germany that need to get the Bimmers and Mercs to pull over!)

Right hand drive cars are rare in the USA, although quite a few were brought over by armed services people. c

There were many changes throughout production; so ALWAYS order with your VIN and Engine Number if applicable. No returns will be accepted if the VIN was not provided at time of order. No return of engine parts will be accepted unless Engine Number was provided at time of order. We can provide the correct parts with these numbers. Without them it is a assumptions and guesses. Thanks.

Vin numbers below indicate the RANGE the numbers would fall in; it does not mean each year had that many cars. Estimates are as follows:

1963 1500


1964 1500


1965 1500



1965-67 1600

SP311 00001 to SP311 02000

1967 1/2 1600

SP311 02001 to SP311 02200

1968 1600

SP311 03001 to SP311 04000

1969 1600

SP311 04001 to SP311 06000

1970 1600

SP311 06001 to 06050 (est.)


1967 1/2 2000

SR311 00001 to SR311 01000

1968 2000

SR311 01001 to SR311 03000

1969 2000

SR311 03001 to SR311 05000

1970 2000

SR311 05001 to SR311 05389

Above vin numbers indicate the possible range, not the amount of cars. Please see bottom of "What Year..." page for production estimates.

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