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Installation questions are GLADLY answered on your "Rallye" parts! We've been able to see our 39th year in business by providing service AFTER the sale. When you purchase a part from us you are not "alone".

If you need installation help with your Rallye part, we've probably done the job "once or twice" ourselves the past 43 years, and are happy to provide help. For many years we operated a roadster-only shop. The parts business just buried us and filled the shop floor with boxes.

People constantly indicate in a conversation that they feel they are "bothering" us by asking for after sale help. NOT SO! I won't ever "talk-down" to you or make you feel your question has no merit.

My big fear is that you will ask something that I DON'T have a clue about! I have other vehicles I know little about, and I have to sometimes force myself to ask someone's help, so I know how it feels to be on the other end. So ask!

Be sure to email your VIN# and the invoice number of the part(s) in question. That will allow us to do two things; verify EXACTLY what part was sent to enable us to give you a good answer; and to know for sure what car we are dealing with.

For Tech Help Email Me 24/7 and I'll try to come up with an answer.


P.S. Please don't ask me solve a problem you have with some part you bought someplace else that won't help you. I'd be shortchanging our own customers who have orders waiting; and you'd be chiseling away at my good nature and meager mental resources. If you bought the part from us I've got all the time in the world for you either by email (usually) or phone or sending pictures or parts blowups back and forth to see what's what; or whatever it takes.

We had a roadster only* shop before the parts end of the business flat overwhelmed us; although I still have 10 fingers; I've completed most of the service jobs on these cars.

*Except for the occasional Z or Brit Sports car whose owner convinced me to take on something that would typically make local customers ask "How did that thing get in here?" My experience with different cars is pretty limited but I managed to solve the problems. Sometimes the same good-guy shops that I had helped in the past helped me back.

My history is 62-67 MG Midgets and Austin-Healey Sprites; 57-58 Plymouth Furys and Belvederes, 58-63 Daihatsu Hijets and Trimobiles, 65-67 Dodge Darts. The last 43 years I seem to be stuck on a track with these Datsun Roadsters; except for the RX7s, Honda Preludes, Toyota Supra Turbos and more mundane vehicles that stay for awhile.



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