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GAS CAP Info, Vented Caps

The 172-10 cap was original equipment for 1600 and 2000 cars, plus 70's not originally equipped with evaporative controls. (Please see "Gas Cap Info" for more info on the 1970 gas cap situation.) This cap superceded an earlier taller cap, which I have seen on some 1500's and even a few 66 1600s. This tall cap dates back to the SPL212 & SPL213 roadsters of 1960-1962. I don't know if these were replaced later or the cars received the earlier style cap at the factory.

NOTE: Do to continued quality control problems at Nissan or their supplier, these caps no longer are guaranteed to have a lasting "spin-lid" over the key hole. It may work for years or may fall off the 1st time you use it. BE WARNED!

We will continue to search for an more economical source for these. Definitely not something you want to leave behind at the gas station...

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