Datsun Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.
1970 Datsun Roadster FUEL FILLER and GAS CAP Information

LEFT: 63-70 Vented Filler Tube #172-07
RIGHT: 70 Non-Vented Filler Tube #172-06

LEFT: 63-70 Vented Filler #172-07.. 1/2" notches
RIGHT: 70 Non-Vented Filler #172-06
.. 11/16" notches

63-70 Gas Cap for Vented System #172-10 The 172-17 taller version also fits the 172-07 Filler Neck.

70 Gas Cap for Non-Vented Filler Tube #172-12

All 1963-1969 roadsters use the filler pipe that is shown above on the left side of the pictures, and the gas cap that is on the left below. This is a vented system. In 1970 cars that went to some parts of the USA and Canada had an evaporative system that required a non-vented cap, shown on the right below.
Optional Cap to Replace 172-12

We have a cap (#172-14) that can be used to replace the 1970 #172-12 cap for the non-vented system. (Only works with 172-06 filler picture above) It is the same as the original cap except is not polished to the extent that the 70 cap was, and it is a vented cap. For those of you that have a fuctioning non-vented system to convert this optional cap to a non-vented cap you would need to have someone braze up a couple of small holes that are outboard of the two rivets shown in the #172-12 cap on the right, above. With some elbow grease and polish you can probably get this buffed out to look close to the original cap. It is much more economical than the usually difficult to find original cap.

#172-17 1963-1967 Style Gas Cap
These are no longer available new; once in awhile we find decent used ones. This was available in two versions; this was the most common. The common 172-10 higher on the page came out beginning with the 1967.5 cars. It is about half the height and much more flat on top than the older 172-17.

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