Datsun Roadster Fuel Pipe






1968-70 *1600 - 2000

NOT A NISSAN PART, use at your own risk.

he 163-27 shown is the original lower carburetor fuel pipe that runs to the float bowl. It is a spendy piece as it is moulded out of heat resistant neoprene. This piece is for 1600s and 2000s that have the "180 degree" SU carbs. See the carb nozzle info page for information on determining which type carburetor you have. Originally the 1968's had the 90 degree carbs and the 1969-1970 had the 180 degree carbs but cars can have either. Check all your carb pieces; many cars have had their pieces scrambled into an omelet of both which does NOT work properly.

The DN16-16 is a piece out of an aftermarket carb kit that is intended to be used for the 163-27. It does flex to make the curve of the 163-27 without crushing; but use it at your own risk. I know people resist spending the money on the original; even though theirs is cracked, or so stiff it is affecting the operation of the fuel nozzle. I've seen pieces of normal fuel line used that jam the nozzle into the needle or render the carb almost inoperative. Be sure to use clamps as with the original.

Note: The DN16-16 looks much smaller in the picture; it isn't.

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