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Datsun 1600 Float Bowl

Datsun 2000 Float Bowl

1500 and 1600


Both the 1600 and 2000 float bowls come in both the 90 degree and the 180 degree style



The pictures above show which parts go together.

In addtion to the confusion and sometime mismatching of metering nozzles and parts, there exists a similar situation with floats, float valves , bowls and lids. The 1500 and 1600's were all supposed to leave the factory with the type of float bowl that contained a brass cylindrical float. (There's also a plastic version of it shown above on far left) The float lever is hung from a pin through the lid casting itself. The 2000's use a black plastic float with the float lever built into the top of the float. We have seen a lot of cars with the wrong type however, mostly with some of the 1970 models. We are guessing some carbs were just assembled improperly in Japan; or maybe parts shortages forced a change. All of the parts including the float bowls were changed; not just one of the pieces. The above parts are designed to work together; one type or another. Later owners could have switched things around as well. Be sure to check both your carbs before ordering, we've seen more than one car with one of each type. The 1500/1600 style float valve needs a 9mm wrench to remove it, the 2000 float valve needs a 10mm.

It doesn't matter which type you have as long as you have all the matching pieces.

If you do not have the correct parts (1500/1600 vs 2000) you will need to order repair parts separately rather then a rebuild kit, as the kit for a 2000 will only have the "2000" type float parts.


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