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Please read before ordering used glass.

They aren't new, but they aren't broken and are a useable part as found on any other roadster in current use. Inquire if you are strictly looking for an EXCELLENT part as opposed to a useable standard used part. If we find one that is far above normal it will be noted in the individual descriptions of glass.

Unless specified otherwise with something like "NO SCRATCHES" ; all used door glass is assumed to have scratches or marks to some degree. Many of these cannot be seen by the camera and are typically not noticeable when the glass is mounted in a car. More pronounced flaws we photograph and you can view them by clicking on the "DU" part number.

Almost all used door glass has either a mark signifying the rear edge of the glass has been hit either from contact with a hardtop edge or contact from running with the rear window track inside the door broken or missing. We photograph these where we think it's appropriate. Some glass described below have stains. If so; please note they are resistant to normal glass cleaning methods. I'm not saying they CAN'T be removed but so far we haven't had any luck.

Forty year old glass can also show varying degrees of "fogginess", typically towards edges. If this is notable we will mention it.

GENERAL CONDITION NOTES ON 65-67.5 GLASS until individually described

"UA" side windows are as good as we ever see, but may still have light scratches in them or marks.

"UB" side windows have the typical light scratches in them, also sometimes the vertical ones from rolling window up and down with the rear support track broken and/or may have stains on them. We have had varying degrees of success on polishing the glass. A more knowledgeable glass person may get better results.

"UC" side windows have more severe scratches in them or the top or rear edge may be battered (usually from not being adjusted properly and hitting a hardtop), and/or may have a cloudy area that doesn't appear to be cleanable.

Packing and Shipping
on a Door Window Glass typically ranges from $45-$55 in the 48 states. Shipping two adds about $15.

Prices on glass reflect our view of condition.

USED GLASS IS NOT RETURNABLE We have tried to describe it as best we can. We can show you some locally; unfortunately that's the best way to buy used glass! Used glass; packing and delivery charges need to be prepaid with a check or MO.

65-67.5 glass could be used on a 63-64 but the later glass is about 1/2"- 3/4" narrower; so there would be a gap on the rear vertical edge.


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