Datsun Roadster Rocker Arm Set from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.




1500 - 1600

Works on 1500/1600 engines. Not the butter smooth feeling of new rockers and shaft but MUCH better than what we usually take off RUNNING engines we disassemble; especially the ones that have been running without the locator peg in place to keep the shaft from turning and dropping the oil pressure or with the tower with the oil passageway out of place. I'd suggest with some light polishing this set should provide many miles of service.

NOTE: This is an "SAE" set which would have come on all 1500 cylinder heads and 1600 heads used on engines up to R-40000. This set can be used on all engines (keep reading...)

Is your head metric or SAE? Check threads on your studs and of course any head that has the air injection ports on the carb side is a metric head. It is not a problem using these rocker arms and shaft but the towers have a different diameter and are designed to be fairly snug on the head studs. If yours are metric you can disassemble this and use your old towers. Make sure the rear tower ends up where it should (the one on the right in the picture above. It has a screw in the top to make sure the shaft does not turn during operation.

You can also have us swap metric towers on to this unit for $20 if you want.

TECH NOTE: When installing rockers or starting an engine that has sat for a long time; it is helpful to remove the distrib. and gearshaft below it and run the oil pump with a long screwdriver (spin it backwards) or a reversible drill until oil comes out the rocker arm holes. This may be too complicated a manuever for some so I'd suggest at least using an old fashioned oil squirt can to force oil into the underside of the rear rocker arm tower before installing. That will also help.

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Datsun 1500 1600 Rocker Arm Set from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.