Datsun SPL310 / SRL311 / SPL311 1965-1967.5 Softop Frame from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



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65-67.5 1500 1600 2000

This top frame is pristine. I I didn't see tiny has-been-used markings on the "knife-blade" ends to the top cables I would think it was new. It is THAT nice. If you had the front bow professionally painted I don't think it would look any better than it does now. I'm guessing it was installed and removed a few times from the marks where the rear bar would have hit the deck clips.

This is a bare frame; it does not come with windshield latches but it does come with the original cables, push plates and a nice rear bar that still is in its original shape to hook on to your deck clips.

This frame is EXTREMELY flexible; it opens and closes with just finger effort; like they did when they were new. Previous owner removed it because in the early 80s he purchased about every part he could for his car whether it needed it or not. I wish I could have seen the car before he sold it.

This looks like one of the parts my shop mates would put aside in the old days with a tag "Save for Dann." The DU97-60 is a very nice frame; but this one is spectacular which is rare as I can usually find fault (and do) with most used parts as I if anything am over-pessimistic in describing them.

After a couple of days of looking at this thing off and on I think it is "used" only because it was once installed on a car. I sincerely believe it was installed and removed within days or weeks. Back so long ago Nissan was getting rid of tops and frames and sold them for next to nothing. We bought a scad of them knowing they were old but figured the frame was easily worth the price. When we first got them they looked great. We sold them as factory top and frames; which they were. After a couple of calls it became clear that when the tops were put in the sun; within 48 hours the nice clear windows would turn almost black. At the time they could have been 12-14 years old. The material had and did hold up great but the windows had to be replaced on every one of them. Fast forward to now. This frame did have crunchy black windows and a disintegrating top which would be normal for a 51-53 year old top. I believe this top was put on a car; then removed as soon as the windows turned black and was probably returned to the Datsun dealer where it sat for decades. Although we sent out multiple letters to all the USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA Datsun dealers and all of the Nissan distributors we could find in the world; many were just too busy or disinterested to sell us inventory so these parts still kept appearing long after our 78-88 letters requesting purchase of parts were forgotten. The vinyl protection covering that the bows had on the inside is still there which I haven't seen on a car in decades. The "old style" weatherstrip doesn't even look like it has been compressed.

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1965-1967.5 DATSUN - 1500 - 1600 - 2000 - SOFTOP FRAME from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.