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Your left hand drive (LHD) car is usually titled as the year it was sold and may be 1 or 2 years off from what it REALLY is. If you do not use the CORRECT year of your car you will probably get the wrong parts and that will be YOUR responsibility. No need to worry though; below is a simple chart; below that are descriptions of what to look for in checking your car's "correctness". By now a lot of cars have been "modified"; some to the point they are now "omelets." The more you know about what is incorrect on your car; the better off you will be; at least when ordering parts.

For full VIN info on VINS, engine numbers, production dates, sales dates, RHD cars and info on examining your car for things that are not correct for its VIN see "Year Your Car Really Is".

For help in VIN and engine number location on your car please see "Identifying Your Roadster".

For RHD info please see Right Hand Drive Vin#s.

There were many changes throughout production; so ALWAYS order with your VIN and Engine Number if applicable. No returns will be accepted if the VIN was not provided at time of order. No return of engine parts will be accepted unless Engine Number was provided at time of order. We can provide the correct parts with these numbers. Without them it is all assumptions and guesses. Thanks.

Vin numbers below indicate the RANGE the numbers would fall in; it does not mean each year had that many cars. Production of the 67.5 2000 for instance only included about 650 cars. Throughout the roadster's production vins or blocks of vins were not used. Why? Your guess is as good as anybody's! Estimates are as follows:

1963 1500

SPL310-3-00073-00400 (1 carb) (est)

1964 1500

SPL310-4-00501-03816 + 00001-00073

1965 1500

SPL310-10000-11124 (est)


1965-67 1600

SPL311 00001 to SPL311 11000

1967.5 1600

SPL311 11001 to SPL311 17000

1968 1600

SPL311 17001 to SPL311 24000

1969 1600

SPL311 24001 to SPL311 27000

1970 1600

SPL311 27001 to 31350


1967.5 2000

SRL311 00001 to SRL311 01000

1968 2000

SRL311 01001 to SRL311 07000

1969 2000

SRL311 07001 to SRL311 13000

1970 2000

SRL311 13001 to 14450


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