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Say hey to an old friend or hug a family member; this has been a tough year for many and I feel fortunate my family has not been visited by some sort of tragedy as has hit so many.

We will be responding to emails and shipping as usual during these days if possible. Please email close to the time you are concerned about for latest info.


CLOSED : 1st - 5th + Major Holidays
-----Any other changes will be posted on this page.

Often these "closed days" are "catch up" days and "project days". We may be answering email and shipping out packages as usual.

ALWAYS feel free to email. That way if we are tied up your box will get a jump on the orders that come in "after" we reopen; or many times get shipped before we "open".

SHIPPING : Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday (at least)

Wanted to cut out Monday and Friday; so far unable to!...:-)


for Fenders, Hoods, Overhead Bars and other abnormally expensive items to ship Pickup Days need to be arranged 72 hours in advance to check stock and see where our truck will be. We can do this most days including weekends.

EMAIL : Hit us anytime, anyday.

Phone hours have NOTHING to do with email hours. "Closed Days" have NOTHING to do with "email days."

Emailed orders received on the weekend can usually be sent far sooner than if you wait until Tuesday! We keep strange hours so send us a flash whenever you can.

And find out what your provider and your email software is doing about spam; otherwise our email can end up in your junk folder or whatever or you will not even receive it.

(Email Info Here)


After 45+ years, we are going to email only communications.

As time passes; it becomes more and more impossible to delay needed projects while somebody sits and waits for calls. It just doesn't take that long to call in charge card info. (or having us call out for same). As the website progresses it will be easier and easier to just send a free email; which is what most people seem to be doing. That way there are no mistakes and everybody knows what was said and can recheck what was said if necessary. I also think most people seem to understand that there is NO SUCH THING as "secure" email and just accept that EVERYTHING is getting hacked if not lost by your bank, insurance company, local store... You check your card status frequently and you are "protected". We trash the information as soon as we can.

When ordering; paste in the order blank in your email and fill out what you can. Be sure to include the prices you are using. When we get to the point where all we need is the card info we can also call you if you are not available during the phone hours. Just give us a number and some good days/times to call/not call. We can call most days and times of the week.

PART NUMBERS; ACCURATE PRICES, AVAILABILITY, SHIPPING COSTS AND TIME ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE OR VIA EMAIL. Cynthia may try against my wishes to help you on the phone from her memory but she has no idea what orders are already in my head and what other bizarre facts need to be considered. Unless you do not care if the parts come a month later at twice the price or if 90% of your parts are missing; drop us an email and we can finalize an answer that is accurate. Then we'll BOTH have a written record of what was said. Thanks

Please see ORDERING INFO for further information.


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