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There is a $40 minimum on orders





360 893-4200



Effective 1/1/18 we MUST receive an email with the exact shipping address, phone number and at least an acknowledgement that you are requesting us to ship an estimated $____ of parts to you; to be charged on your card. Most orders that skip this step will be stalled until the email is received. Charge cards are cracking down on authorizations; and UPS is now charging about $16 if you give us an address that you may think is correct but UPS and the Post Office agree is NOT EXACTLY CORRECT. This charge will appear on your card approximately 2-4 weeks after the order ships; after UPS bills us. An email lets everybody know what was said.

Most boxes will require delivery to an address where UPS can get an ADULT signature. You can usually have a work address added to your credit card as an authorized ship address if need be. When you track your box (tracking number will be sent) it will show estimated delivery date and I believe there are other steps you can now take with UPS on delivery situations. Inquire locally.

Without this and you have a box delivered to your porch and it gets lifted or goes "missing" neither United Parcel Service or Rallye Enterprises will have any part or liabilty in replacing the item(s).

If you do not understand and accept this situation DO NOT ORDER.


Even with a $40 minimum order; it doesn't begin to wash away the imbalance in cost of shipping such a small order; which increases so very slowly after the initial charge as the weight and size go up.


(Quick to verify and clear)
Other money orders/cashier's checks possible but it can (and HAS taken up to 5 weeks to get VERIFIABLE clearance

WE TAKE (with some exceptions and limitations)

(excluding delivery charges USA or CANADA)


Some orders depending on dollar amount; box size/weight; ordering history or address may require a Postal Money Order. Some situations may require a deposit with a money order.

We will advise before processing order of that it it occurs. Nothing should be assumed if we make this requirement; and our particular reasoning for it is not open for discussion either on the phone or via email. In some cases it may seem we are swatting at flies with a 2x6 and for that we apologize. When credit card companies start guaranteeing phone and email sales anywhere near like they are "walk-in" sales we will drop most of what appears to be nonsense to many consumers.


Basically either paste in this simple ORDER BLANK in to your email and fill it out or put ALL the same information loose in an email. Otherwise we will begin kind of a back and forth email dance to get the information which can delay the order quite awhile...

Using this will make sure the order can be done as fast as possible.

Name as it is shown on your Charge Card.

Billing Address (where your card bills are sent to)

The Billing Address is also the address we ship to.

If you want to use your work address or if your billing address is a PO Box you will need to have an alternate authorized ship-to address placed on your account that we can verify. Maybe a family member has a more secure location to ship to (someone there). (Call your card provider or bank; their Customer Service number is usually on the back of the card)

If they will not do this (rare) you can send a US Postal Money Order and we can then ship to the other address.

Always ship to an address where someone is there as if the UPS driver says he delivered the package and it gets swiped off of your porch YOU LOSE. UPS is not responsible for that type of theft and we are not either. Our responsibility ends when we hand it to UPS.

Orders over a couple of hundred dollars and some for less go with a signature card; so somebody needs to be there to accept it; otherwise they will send it to the local UPS center after a couple of tries or return it; and now they charge for shipping BOTH ways.

We do not ship to parts stores or shops unless THEY are the ones ordering it and it is THEIR card that is being used.


We verify all credit cards for both your and our protection.

It is sometimes difficult to properly verify charge cards when used for a phone/mail/email order. "Merchant Services" is a Visa/Mc/Discover card backed verification system. Verification usually ends there. If they do not have up to date information from your bank on the account or if they show it as incorrect when there is reason to believe it IS correct; they give us (sometimes after a grueling wait); the Customer Service Phone Number for the particular card issuing bank or company that card is tied to. They give out no information; only verify or not verify what information WE give THEM. Many time it can quicken an order if you provide that phone number (usually on the back of your card).

If Merchant Services or the issuing bank come back and say the information you have provided is wrong (or at least partially incorrect) it is something you have to resolve with THEM; we have nothing to do with it and can do NOTHING about it. Please do not come after us verbally with a baling hook because we are trying to protect both you and ourselves from fraudulent activity; and trying to follow the charge companies guidelines.

Verifying the billing and shipping addresses is done to help reduce fraud and protect both you and ourselves. We use your credit or debit card provider to confirm you and your address(es). The charge card companies still barely consider a "non-card present" charge a valid method of doing business; AND when the address does not match what is on file they will do LESS than nothing in helping resolve a problem. I believe they collectively feel that processing such an order invites problems so we shouldn't be looking for help (My Opinion...)

It doesn't matter to me if someone else doesn't bother to verify anything. We do.

It is important that you always give us the phone number (usually on the back of your card) for the customer service department of your bank. Many times your bank will not input the update into the Visa-Mc-Discover Merchant Services System. That phone number can sometimes save us an unbelievable waste of time fighting a phone "tree". We will call them after you notify us the other address has been added.

We will need to verify both the shipping and billing addresses before shipping. If your bank or card provider balks at doing this for you; tell them you are wishing to place a mail-order and the merchant requires the addresses match the bank info to help prevent fraud. Sometimes that will snap them out of a "NO" pattern and get them to help the situation.

Card Number & Expiration date

3 digits on back of card

Part numbers of items you want to order

Prices on parts you are ordering (so we know you are current)

Phone Number

Vehicle Identification Number (also called VIN, chassis number, serial number) see website info pages if necessary

Engine Number if ordering engine/trans parts.

Year, Type of Car (68 1600 etc) See info, the year on your title/registration means NOTHING.

Banks Customer Service number on the back of your credit card if available. This may cut huge delays



You to be the card holder.

You to be the CAR owner or related to him/her. OR

You to have financial ties to the shop or parts store you are ordering for.

You to be a USA or Canadian resident; and by resident we mean you live here; you just don't rent the mail-drop box that you say is your "residence".

The card be of USA or Canadian issue from a USA or Canada based financial institution

The shipping location be your home or your work address or your business. If this address comes back as a mail drop we may decline to process order with a charge card if we haven't been made aware of it. Every situation is different. We have halted charge card shipments to many freight forwarders.

Any of these things can slow your order's departure or STALL it until you respond to an email. When a card hangs up we DO NOT stop and go deal with it other than the usual procedures. The order is pulled out and held until one of us emails that night or the next day.

Keep in mind in addition to shipping time the order will probably take 1-7 days to get out of here. We strive for the shortest time; but amount of orders ahead of you; parts problems; missing information or information you have provided us proving inaccurate; all throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans...



WE want the stuff out of here right away too. So what can hang it up?

(Simple ORDER BLANK to cut and paste into your email to make it quicker.)

If you want to try to make sure you card doesn't go down in flames over a common glitch:

Make sure your billing address with with merchant services (who your bank reports to) is what you think it is.

Make sure your card provider will even LET you charge things long distance without notifying them first.

Make sure your card has enough funds remaining.

You can get a jump on the orders by emailing your order during any closure period even if it is just Saturday-Sunday. Those orders are done in the order received before orders that come in after we reopen.

Emailed orders are always done first and done faster.

Let us know if you want to have us ship what we have at the time, or hold order if certain items are out of stock at the time.

So check the website first it will save time. Be sure your browser is set to look at a new version of the page everytime you access the site, or manually hit "refresh:" or "reload". If your browser isn't set that way you may be looking at a version of the page you stored yesterday, last week or last month. Parts and prices can change any hour of any day. And please don't hesitate to ask questions about ANYTHING. Really! If you are having any trouble finding anything and need some answers or a picture or an additional picture posted drop me an email.

When the order is shipped we will email the exact total and the tracking information.



decline to accept any card from anybody for any reason without explanation. We don't want to do this and if we decline to accept a charge card it is no statement about you. We apologize in advance if this occurs.

decline to accept a charge card for specific order reasons; like location, box size, box weight, value, type of part, or history of problems in that area. We will advise you after we see the order as necessary. Initial acceptance of the email or phone conversation DOES NOT mean the situation will not change before the order is shipped.

use whatever bizarre or off the wall methods to verify an address and a person we have never shipped to before. I'm not an untrusting person by nature; but forty years of selling parts has about slapped most of the naivete out of me. I do keep meeting good folks though; so that helps balance things out.

If we send an email that the BANK has declined your card...this means NOTHING other than they declined your card. Sometimes it is because you have a new card with a newer expiration date (or it is in the mail). It can mean you haven't used the card in awhile. It can be a security "help" to you because someone far away is attempting to use your card (us). It can be for ALL KINDS of reasons; none of them are any reason to get worried or upset! It's happened to me; and for $25 locally ( I hadn't used my card in months) and happens on trips unless I tell the bank to expect some sales from other states.

We will normally just send you an email to advise you and suggest either sending in a money order or getting ahold of your bank and seeing what's up. Although an error in the card number usually comes back as "invalid card" sometimes those situations come back "declined" a well; so please reverify the numbers you sent. Again; don't worry about this; you aren't GOING ON ANY LIST! BLACK STAR will be added to your name... If I thought that needed to be done I would soon have NO CUSTOMERS because in this day of age of fraud prevention; this situation is VERY COMMON.



Not charge your card until the parts are sitting on the shipping table ready to be packed with shipment of the order scheduled for that or the following work day.

Trash your card information just as soon as possible; and by trash I mean obliterate as in burn it and bury the ashes. (not kidding)

Deduct 4% for any return for ANY reason since we never received this 4% to begin with.



It is your responsibility to have someone at the address to receive the box. Neither we or United Parcel Service is responsibile for what happens at that point so a secure location is important. Most card issuers are aware of these problems and help with the secondary ship-to address. I've also dealt with some that I think don't give a hoot about you or your problems (or ours). Business times in the 21st century... If this is a problem I'd suggest adding another verified address to your credit card account so we can ship to a work address for instance.

Be sure to give your EXACT LEGAL address. Most of the time we instruct UPS to make no changes. If they do, they charge an additional $13. If you give us "3304 Adams" when you are actually at "3304 Adams St." or "3304 Adams Lane" or you leave out a "W" , "SE" etc, or forget an apartment number or suite number this will usually happen. If they have to send it back you are out the shipping costs and then a return travel charge by UPS.


is BY FAR the fastest way to get your order processed. You can email orders any hour any day of the year. Emailing everything but the charge card info is still much quicker. If you do not feel comfortable emailing your charge card info you can email in the parts list and other information and call in the charge info later.

(Simple ORDER BLANK to cut and paste into your email to make it quicker.)

No email is secure; as no website is secure regardless of advertising to the contrary. Possibly some levels of the defense department might be. Most people these days just seem to be just keeping track of their charges and checking their statement each month. Some people send the card number in 2 emails and the expiration date in a 3rd; their 3 digit code in a 4th.

Emailed orders make it easier for us to get the order right, spell your street name correctly and have a quick way to contact you if there is a problem or concern. We process orders from 5pm-Midnight so it can save days if we can send an email inquiry to you immediately. Due to the time loss with "phone tag" we hardly ever call anymore. (Individuals don't have "phone hours" like we do.)You and we both then have a written record of everything stated when it is emailed

I would strongly suggest you format your email with "your name" in front of <> it makes it much easier to find or in some cases to find at all.


PHONE ORDERING Tues and Thur 10-4

Even if phoning in an order ALWAYS drop us an email with your address, phone and how your name appears on the card; even if shown wrong; and your order list. Much less chance of an error and everybody is sure what everybody else has communicated; or tried to.

This has no relation whatsoever to when we answer emails; or ship parts. Be sure to get the part numbers and prices off the website first and have the car's VIN. (and engine number if ordering engine/trans parts. How to find? Click on


Be sure to include copies of any previous correspondence via email or phone conversations so we have a hint of what it is for. A prepaid order can be shipped anywhere. See payment info next paragraph.



Changing an order can delay its shipment, sometimes by days if it is pulled out of the line. We'll do our best to make the adjustment, but it still may end up being too late to do so. Whoever is on the phone will not be in a position to say yes or no to this request; only that we will try. (Hey, just being honest...)



Most card providers allow you to add a second address as a registered ship-to address. This is typical when your billing address is a PO Box. Or maybe you have everything shipped to your work address for safety-of-delivery reasons. Some people also have one address for billing (PO Box or Residence; but use a "Mail Boxes USA", Postnet, UPS Store etc etc as a box drop for safety-of-delivery.)

Our responsibility; as defined by various commerce regulations in existance; ends when the package is presented to the carrier; and their responsibility ends on the day they drop it at the initial address. We kind of extend ourselves and do what we can to aid the delivery; but if we do ship to an alternate address; our responsiblity for the undamaged and complete arrival of your parts ends at THAT ADDRESS; the second UPS drops the box. We check the stuff off here twice; weigh it and usually photo-record it; and WILL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ITEMS THAT "GO MISSING." This also applies to a mailbox outfit or freight forwarder or apartment house manager's apt. Most of such places are scrupulously honest; but it is a risk we will no longer take. 

I don't know WHY the below statement is now necessary.

BE SURE you actually want to order. For us to go find the item(s) if not readily available; pull them if they are; pack them; spend time and 60 cents or whatever it is now on an invoice only to have the order cancelled hours/days later; it is just so much time loss we don't have to spare.

Going through a constantly increasing time loss with UPS and VISA is hard enough when there is an actual order to do. When we are made to do it for NO REASON i.e a cancelled order; we have finally figured out to usually not make the same mistake twice.

We will probably not take a second "order" after a CANCELLED ORDER unless we have the money upfront; i.e. a US Postal Money Order.



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