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Short Version
Roadster enthusiasts selling parts; wrenching on cars and answering Datsun Roadster questions as a business since 1976. Same thing as Datsun Roadster hobbyists since 1972-1976. Thousands of parts; ambitious dreamers one day; sensible professionals the next; packrat hoarding lunatics the next. Restored a few cars; dismantled a few; repaired a few, produced catalogs, put up a website, sold a part or two; answered the phone a couple hundred thousand times; sent a bazillion emails. Was laughing when I started with these funny cars; for the most part am still laughing. When I can no longer laugh that is when "Rallye" will stop.

Long Version

Rallye is a USA company that specializes in parts and service for Datsun Roadsters. We have been operating in Washington State since 1976 and have been involved with the roadster since 1972. We distribute Datsun Roadster parts to all 50 states, U.S. possessions, Canada, Australia, South America, Japan and Europe. In 1987 we received mail from Antarctica and had a visitor from Kenya, Africa. Finally we could say we were known WORLDWIDE!

We in many cases import parts ourselves or have them remanufactured for us. We buy tired or wrecked cars from local states and purchase new and used parts from all over the world. With new parts we try to sell genuine factory parts or in some cases parts from the original suppliers for Nissan. As time goes on this becomes harder and harder to do; however, we do not sell any part that we wouldn't use on a car here or put in our own roadsters. We have no interest in doing a service job twice, and we assume you don't either!

We have tried to be as open and forthcoming as possible in catalogs or this website; in trying to make sure you know what is what with your car and these parts and how and why we operate as we do.

This is a family business; always has been; mostly just the wife and young-uns; sometimes old high school buddies who sometimes help out mostly for the laughs and out of boredom I think; sometimes the kids' friends if I've known them 25 or more years. Once when we sent out 6000 catalogs at one shove; we had I think six 13 year old girls here assembling them. Oh, and one 11 year old boy who made the most DISGUSTED face I ever saw when he found out the six girls were here.

In addition to stock parts, we carry performance parts, accessories, and also many kits and fixes to help your roadster live a long, happy and economical life. All of the parts we try to stock are listed in our CATALOG. Our catalog is far from just a parts list, it has lots of service tips and discussions of the roadster problems that can happen...AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM! (Sooner or later I'll realize I'll NEVER have time to redo the print catalog and will put the old stuff on the website)

So relax and disregard all those times you have been told that you can't get parts for your car! The availability of parts is still pretty good and in some cases getting better. The roadster wasn't in production long enough for all of the rough spots to be "engineered out", but with a little tinkering; you can have one of the best built sports cars around.

More and more roadsters are making the journey from a dusty barn (or even a wrecking yard) to an honored spot in someone's garage; and if you haven't fixed your car up to the point where you can enjoy a long road trip you've missed one of the best parts of sports car ownership. If you decide to make your roadster a "museum-piece," or just dependable transportation, we can help.

We have some closure periods which are listed on the OPERATING INFO page. During many of these "closures" we may be in and out, and sometimes only the phone service is suspended. Faxed, emailed and mailed orders may be shipped as usual. These times are used to rebuild components, procure parts, work on the long term tasks that will enable us to continue to provide you parts and service in the future, and to enjoy the people and pastimes that make life worth living.


Is it REALLY coming up on 45 years?



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