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This is the original, non-vented cap. #172-12

No longer available new, they can be hard to find used as well.

This is #172-14, a vented cap that can also be used. To be an exact copy of #172-12 you would have to braze up the vent holes in the underside. Using a vented cap on a non-vented system may violate emission regulations, but as I have only seen about 10% of the "evap" equipped 70's with an operating system this point may be moot. Keeping the system sealed, while some of the other aspects of the system have been bypassed or removed can also create problems. This cap can be buffed to look a lot closer to the #172-12 cap.

GAS CAP, 1970 Models w/evaporative emission system
For 70's originally equipped with evaporative controls. Please see "Gas Cap Info" if you aren't sure which cap to order for your 70.

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