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1600 HEAD #DU11-11
Used Metric aluminum head. Requires 2-hole thermo housing. Appears flat; may need to be surfaced just to clean it up. Original thickness is 3.248 - 3.250. This head is about 3.240 down the left side and about 3.235 down the right side. Some shops aren't as careful leveling heads before cutting. They might have done this on purpose to remove a scratch also.

Head also appears to have some prying damage where thermostat housing mounts. The housings can be difficult to say the least to remove. Better to cut housing off rather than damage head if all other attempts fail. This may need to be worked on to allow a good seal. Hard to say.

Rocker arms should at least be disassembled and polished to increase life. They do not pivot smoothly but no where near as bad as many running engines out there. Has emission ports which are plugged with removable plugs.


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